wijst streams

characteristic of the Peel Boundary Fault

Walking through Uden, you will unmistakably encounter the clear orange groundwater. Groundwater that comes from deep below, has been underground for very long, and has travelled a great distance. Water rich in iron and minerals that is exposed to the air at the site of the Peel Boundary Fault. The iron and the minerals oxidise and colour the groundwater a clear orange.

This wijst stream is a noticeable and characteristic element of the Peel Boundary Fault. You can only see it in North-East Brabant. Near the vertical and watertight screen the groundwater is pushed upwards, whereupon the particles come into contact with the air. What is striking is that the wijst streams are mobile. You can see this very clearly in the video installation Onderland.

The recordings for Onderland took place, among others, in the Sint Anna forest in Uden. This verdant environment near the Peel Boundary Fault is home to many of the rare wijst streams and was declared a geologic monument in 2004. On the website of the Maashorst Nature Centre you can read more about the origins of the underground water streams’ unique properties in North-East Brabant.



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