Jon Mensink

eco-hydrologist and initiator Onderland

About me

After years of working with the underground, you notice that the things locked away beneath the earth’s surface are actually quite beautiful. That is what I wish to bring attention to. Our underground is comprised of sand, clay, gravel, peat, loam, rock and water. Ingredients that together create a varied palette of structures, colours, and scents.

It is the earth that we:

  • live on
  • get our food from
  • transport ourselves over
  • build houses on
  • relax on 
  • get our drinkingwater from
  • see rivers flow to
  • sea nature grow and flourish upon
  • make love on
  • are burried in

In short, we live upon the earth; a piece of art that we do not always properly reflect upon. Het respect of de diversity the ground offers us, and realizing her importancy shere some reasans for me to start this project. 

Peel Boundary Fault: free artwork

The Peel Boundary Fault is a beautiful piece of the Dutch underground that speaks to the imagination. It is responsible for the shaping of the landscape and the manner in which we interact with the surface. This East-Brabant geological fault has special characteristics that are not always visible.

The clear orange groundwater that seeps up from below is a sight to behold, as are the rare plants that grow on and in it. It often creates the most stunning paintings in the ground as well, crafting them entirely without human influence. This is free art. With a great diversity of structures, textures, colours, shapes, and compositions.

I perceive all of these unique and natural paintings during my daily work; they are what make my profession so special.


Making people literally and figuratively pause to consider the Peel Boundary Fault and its unique properties, among which are the wijst streams and the underground life that arises from them. That was my intent, and the basis for the idea for Onderland. Michiel van Bakel had this idea, and with it he has made the invisible, visible.

A creation about a work of art in nature: That ever changing and free work of art that we should cherish.

Jon Mensink


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