Michiel van Bakel

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About me

When Jon came to me in 2018 with the suggestion of doing a project together, I had no idea what kind of image we would get from it. The subject, the Peel Boundary Fault, did immediately spark my imagination though. Having been born in Deurne, I still remember the area. And later, the Peel Boundary Fault would draw my attention once again. Literally and figuratively.

I remember how years ago, I was rocked back and forth in my bed in Rotterdam because of an earthquake caused by the Peel Boundary Fault. I find it fascinating that a fault which could have such impact is only perceptible in the guise of height differences, vegetation, and wijst streams bubbling to the surface.


Technological artefacts

My fascination with the troublesome relationship between man and technology and the perception of time yields a poetic reality where man and his environment are the focal points. After some years spent studying astronomy, photography, and psychology, I received an art education in Arnhem.

As a sculptor, I developed an interest in how art might be combined with science and technology. This expresses itself via video animations, films, and spatial installations which I have built. And this can also be seen in Onderland.

What I often do is expand upon the senses witch technological artefacts. For example, with sensors or cameras that are capable of making parts of reality visible that we are not normally able to perceive. This approach is also what I applied to the video installation Onderland. We make the invisible, visible. In an interactive manner.

Michiel van Bakel


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